Truline makes personal protective gear designed to fit the projects of today's Do-it-yourselfer.

Project Overview

On a mission to champion the modern DIYer

Your safety is all Truline does. It’s all they think about. It’s their obsession for over 75 years. Originating from decades of industrial safety expertise, with a mission to improve the ways of keeping people protected, we helped Truline bring that passion and knowledge to the consumer DIY market.

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What we did

Harnessing a 75 year obsession with safety

With this obsession with safety - we helped build a brand that today's modern DIYer can identify with and call their own. Distilled from our Brand Workshop, we crafted a personality that shows care for their audience and the lives they live. Forging simplistic, youthful and bright visuals with messaging that exudes the confidence to safely and successfully tackle any type of project.

Digital Experience

A delightfully simple shopping experience

Knowing that the DIY market was ripe for disruption, we design and developed an e-commerce experience that makes it easy for their audience to choose the right gear for their project. Optimized for usability, conversion and brand loyalty Truline has captured the hearts and minds of the crafty, at-home innovators.

Brand Activation

Giving their profits to a purpose

Truline’s commitment to safety doesn’t end with their customers. That's why we helped create a user-friendly give-back initiative for their customers to donate a percentage of every sale to a charity they choose. When Truline customers shop online, they're personally helping rebuild vulnerable communities– and that’s something they can feel good about.

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