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Wise+Hype builds purpose-driven brands and experiences that deeply connect with and convert your audience.

Clarity + Confidence

through brand strategy and design thinking.

It all starts with meaningful strategy.

We'll become your partners, immersing ourselves in your company's culture. Our goal is to understand and define your mission and values, target audience and your competition. This allows us to unlock a clear brand strategy and map out our next steps from positioning to developing your brand's story. Simply put, our approach elevates your brand to the next level.

Then brought to life with radical design.

Our work supports your vision for market leadership by creating a strong and relevant brand people believe in. We’ll lock in your competitive difference so that you win the hearts of your audience and outshine your competitors. We’ll execute an extraordinary brand experience that holistically brings your brand story and visuals to life.
What we’re good at

Brand Development

Whether you’re B2B, B2C, or DTC, our team of branding experts and world-class creatives will help you strategize, build and launch impactful, memorable brand experiences that connect deeply with your audience. Our holistic approach to branding is aligned to do one thing—make your brand the only one worth believing in.

Our workshops get us to the foundational makeup of your brand to build it from the inside out. We uncover your brands purpose, values, mission, vision, personality, voice, positioning, audience and competition to create a meaningful strategy moving forward.

Positioning is the step of making deliberate choices for the brand, based on research and workshops input. The outcome: a crystal clear idea we want to convey through the brand, defining its position in the market and minds and hearts of the audiences.

Brand core is about defining the creative foundation on which the brand is going to be built. We formulate clearly the brand’s purpose and ambition. With values and personality, we pinpoint the basis for the brand’s story and behaviour, so that it can connect with its audiences in a relatable, authentic way.

Behavior is personality translated into an experience. A consistent, unique way in which brand interacts with its customers can significantly boost its image.

We craft compelling stories and brand manifestos that will attract your target audience and establish an emotional connection.

We’ll craft how you speak to your audience and what you say to them as well making sure it’s consistent across all touch points.

We’ve developed a fun and proven system for guiding you in coming up with a unique and memorable company name.

We’ll leverage what makes you unique and what your audience wants to hear to come up with your unforgettable and timeless company tagline.

Outshine your competitors. We’ll make sure you truly know and understand the competition.


Capture attention and bring your brand strategy to life with a visual identity platform that uniquely establishes you the market leader. Through logos, color, typography, graphic motifs, and more, we create design systems and visual expressions to resonate with your audience and diffentiate your brand from the competition.

We develop a logo concept around a central idea or message. The logo always has a clear visual connection with the other elements of the graphic identity.

We create early vision boards to explore creative direction and align our thinking from the onset.

We develop accompanying graphics and patterns that are specific to the brand. This creates an integrated visual story that is unmistakable and constantly familiar and top of mind.

We create robust and meticulous brand guidelines that help you maintain the integrity of your identity and execute with confidence.

We create voice, grammar, and inclusive language guidelines to improve the effectiveness of your communications.

Videos and photography are amazing storytellers. We conceptualize, art direct and produce visuals that not only make your brand come to life but keep your audience engaged.

Turn heads and attract followers by bringing motion to your brand with logo animations or kinetic typography.

Brand Experiences

An extraordinary brand experience brings a brand story and visuals to life holistically, allowing people to connect with it, identify with it and live it. We use both the strategic insights and visual identity systems to establish and further shape your brand relationship across physical and digital touchpoints.

We design and develop cutting-edge websites that overachieve your goals and objectives. We leverage the brand identity and messaging strategy to further translate a holistic digital experience. We focus on user-friendliness and accessibility, making sure the website is easy to find (SEO) and navigates smoothly.

We craft B2B an D2C e-commerce websites and experiences with two goals in mind: 1) to sell products with a delightful user experience and 2) make your brand unforgettable. 

Packaging can be one of the most distinctive brand touch points. It can elevate or undermine the brand experience – that’s why we design package experiences that are beautiful, memorable and functional.

Once it’s time to launch the brand, we prepare a detailed rollout plan, taking into consideration insights gathered in the strategic phase. Individually for each case, we assess the possible sensitivity of the brand change.

A brand can be brought to life in many different ways, including temporary spaces. We design pop-ups, showrooms, exhibition stands and creatively tailored physical experiences.

Signage systems are a fantastic way of bringing the brand’s unique style and personality to life. It’s what guides you seamlessly through spaces and contributes to feeling welcome.

Brand Activation

Once the brand identity is created and the experiences are built, it’s time to show it all off. We use insights gathered from the Brand Strategy phase to ideate, plan, design and execute targeted campaigns to land your brand right into your audiences lap.

Our team of digital strategists and marketeers translate the brand identity into a digital strategy and campaigns, social media approach, SEO, SEA, marketing automation and more. In short, everything needed to give the brand maximum online visibility, including the selection of channels best suited for the brand.

Drive strategic growth and position your brand as the industry leader with an omnichannel campaign that drives awareness and conversion—increasing sales funnel performance, market share and valuation.

Bring your brand to life and own your position with best-in-class creative that demands attention, builds relationships and drives conversion.

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Here’s Why You should consider Working with us

Here’s Why You should consider Working with us


Creative ideas to grow your business

Vision at its essence is the skill of imagining what can be achieved. Staying attuned to global trends, cultural shifts, and consumer behaviors, we continuously develop new and better ways to maximize your opportunities.

Turn your customers into superfans

Draw in your target audience with captivating, genuine brand experiences that foster loyalty. Through strategy and creative thinking, address their needs, wants, and aspirations to turn them from mere customers into devoted brand advocates.

A brand you'll be proud of

We help leaders develop a modern mindset that puts brand at the center of business strategy. Our guidance establishes a basis for transformative change that leaders can proudly promote and employees can wholeheartedly support.
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A field tested and proven approach

Our System for Success

Our process has been honed and proven over 15 years under the leadership of our founders, Deborah and Jim Schlichting. Since 2015, we’ve successfully launched, scaled, and rebranded hundreds of B2B, B2C, and DTC businesses.

Put your worries to rest; our team is seasoned. Because who has time to wonder, “Will this take our business to the next level?” (you don’t…but we do). Unlike fly-by-nights and disorganized processes, our systems are finely tuned and expertly executed.
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