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Harper Point
Harper Point

Harper Point is a photography studio that creates vibrant, eye-catching photos for brands. You name it, they've shot it.

Project Overview

Capturing photos that make you feel something

For nearly 20 years, the Harper Point power studio has been producing vibrant, creative, eye-catching photos for brands. So we set out to help them capture their true identity and use that to make a real connection with their audience. We refined their brand visuals plus designed and developed a website that truly represents their quirkiness and high quality work, while positioning them at the top of the brand photography food chain.

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Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Brand Messaging
Digital Experience
Brand Activation


Immortalizing moments of magic

Skilled photographers with a little quirk, that's Harper Point. We got to work helping Harper Point understand their superpower, the thing that makes them outshine their competition. By harnessing their quirk and getting clarity around the purpose - of immortalizing moments of magic with a humble approach — we established a clear north star that we hitched their brand experience to.

Digital Experience

Showcasing talent and the quirkiness

Designing a vibrant website that communicates clearly who Harper Point is, what they do and why they do it was top of mind. But most important, was the ability to showcase their incredible work in a way that they could easily update themselves. The website is a place where companies can go to feel inspired, with a coolness factor of 11 that everyone wants a piece of.

Brand Activation

It's time to make the world feel something

Killer identity and website, check. Now, let's tell the world! From sales sheets, to social strategy - the brand experience is unique, consistent and unforgettable. We strategized and created email campaigns that targeted their ideal audience and converting to customers. We built a marketing system that tied the personality, and visuals together in a smart, scalable machine.

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