Cause promotes individual, communal, and global wellbeing through expertly crafted CBD and strategic giveback initiatives.


On a mission to use CBD as a force of good

Before Cause had a name, they had a mission: to leave the planet in a better condition than when they found it. They weren't looking to make a quick buck in a rapidly growing industry, but instead create a lasting community through a team of like-minded individuals with a deep belief in changing lives through the benefits and profits of their CBD formulas.

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Company Naming
Brand Workshop
Brand Strategy
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Verbal Identity
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A cause that inspires the collective wellness for all

By understanding the deep commitment to human wellness, our society and the planet, we established the company name, the brand purpose, mission and strategy to carry out the bold vision. By partnering with organizations and charities that aligned with Cause, we gave customers the ability to choose their charities and how they allocate the 5% of their purchase.

Visual Identity

Doing good needs to look amazing

Once the name Cause was established, we crafted the visuals to be hip and slick, but with a witty tone and serious message. By making selflessness cool and giving back simple, fun and empowering Cause aimed at resonating with younger, more conscious individuals that want to make a impact in the world.

Digital Experience

Shopping that makes you feel good

Using the bright, vibrant brand colors and smart messaging we crafted an e-commerce experience that not only showcased the beautiful packing, but told the brand story in a compelling way. We made it clear to visitors the mission and goal of the brand as well as a delightful and rewarding give-back experience.

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