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U&I Entertainment
U&I Entertainment

U&I is a global video game agency focused on wholistic solutions that generate powerful results in a fast paced world.

Project Overview

On a mission to bring creativity to the people

U&I Entertainment is the global leader in video game publishing and distribution. They're responsible for bringing the most popular games to our computer screens. Starting out by helping the small, independent game developers and growing into a full service holistic solutions provider - U&I needed a brand that would appeal to the creative developers and corporate organizations.

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Brand Workshop
Brand Strategy
Brand Visuals
Verbal Identity
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Staying true to the Unsigned & Independent

Wise+Hype tapped into the DNA of U&I and found that it all boils down to creativity and getting it out in the world. By staying true to the artists and developers U&I was started for in the first place we helped them harness their roots to build a brand as unique and authentic as their first customers.

Digital Experience

Hip and professional - but mostly just cool.

U&I's diverse audience allowed Wise+Hype to push the boundaries of user experience. By using a bold, bright interface, with big impactful messaging, we made the game developers and corporate audience both feel like they belong. With delightful animations and witty user interactions, the website conveys the brand story and services in a well-balanced experience.

Brand Activation

Bringing U&I Entertainment to the people

Rolling out a new brand is exciting! We started by crafting the presentation for the companywide announcement. From there we gave a fresh coat of paint to all external communications including the forever popular, pitch deck. We were sure to help build and maintain a consistent brand experience for all audiences to behold.

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