Rodelle sources premium ingredients - carefully cultivated and chosen to enhance the flavors in your culinary creations.

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On a mission to enhance culinary creations

Founded in 1936 and recently acquired under the ADM family of products, Rodelle knows that the best recipes are crafted with care. They only source ingredients that have been meticulously cultivated and chosen for their quality. With these high standards, Wise+hype went to work to align their rich tradition and future vision with current customers base and the new, younger generation of cooks.

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Brand Strategy
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Packaging Design
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From premium ingredients to unforgettable occasions

Memories are made in the kitchen, but the unforgettable experiences happen at the dining table. We helped Rodelle realize their purpose of helping people turn their meals into memories and harness the dedication of bringing remarkable culinary creations within reach. Wise+Hype brought a modern touch to the Rodelle logo and brand visuals with hand crafted refresh of the original chateau symbol from when the company founded in France back in 1936.

Packaging Design

Smart and modern meets rich and sophisticated

When Wise+Hype reimagined the packaging, we included characteristics of the old designs, but with a fresh hand crafted, contemporary feel. It important for the new designs to recognizable to the current customer base while attracting new younger aspiring cooks, giving a sense of high quality but not over priced. The Rodelle product line consists of hundreds of products and flavor variations, so developing a scalable system was key to maintaining brand consistency online and on store shelves.

Digital Experience

An elevated experience for exceptional ingredients

Rodelle puts remarkable culinary creations within reach for everyone who finds joy in cooking - from professionals to the novice. So Wise+Hype designed a website utilizing the updated brand visuals to showcase their deep line of products in a simple to navigate interface. Integrating storytelling, by featuring the individual farmers and weaving in the rich company history.

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