Brand consistency: is it really that important?

You’ve probably heard multiple times that one of the most important things about branding is consistency. Consistency is key – it aids recognizability and makes your brand more powerful. But why does consistency matter so much, and how can it be implemented? And is it really so detrimental when this doesn’t happen? Branding has been […]

The power and purpose of brand equity

How positive brand associations can drive loyalty and increase profitability — and the risks of developing a negative brand reputation. Ask almost any company and they will tell you that improving their brand awareness is a top priority. In fact, 77% of marketing leaders say building a strong brand is critical to their growth strategy. Having a recognizable brand name is […]

Building brilliant brands: how to get there?

Consumers expect quality and financial return from brands but also a measurable, positive impact on the environment, the planet, our society, and its vulnerable groups. That’s, in short, what building brilliant brands is all about. If I had to squeeze this whole subject into just one sentence, I’d say brands need to stay relevant. If you […]

To Be a Purpose-Driven Brand, Start from the Inside Out

We’ve all seen it. It’s like watching a slow-motion car crash or a supertanker heading toward a dock that can’t turn in time. The purpose-based brand campaign that goes all wrong, often turning good intentions into embarrassment and sometimes even making the brand into a pariah. Over the last few decades, as the industry tries […]

B2B vs. B2C Marketing: What’s the Difference?

No matter your product, industry, or company size, marketers all have the same goal: to grow their brand, connect with customers, and charm them down the path to purchase. But achieving that goal looks different, depending on the type of product/service you’re selling—and who you’re selling it to. Although most people think about the business-to-consumer (B2C) […]

Being Everything to Everyone Isn’t a Strategy

In a discipline besotted with mass marketing, we’ve forgotten the importance of inequality and division. Ever since Byron Sharp’s book, How Brands Grow first emerged, squinting into the light of a new marketing dawn, the concept of sophisticated mass marketing has achieved the kind of salience and ubiquity that most brands can only daydream about. In the crudest […]

Aligning Brand and Culture for A Prosperous Workplace

One of the essential lessons in brand building is, that if a company does not get its brand right internally, it will never get it right externally. And a big part of getting it right internally is ensuring brand and culture are intrinsically linked. With so many organizations currently grappling with this new world of […]